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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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How Checkweighing Scales Contribute to the Food Industry

How Checkweighing Scales Contribute to the Food Industry

When you’re working in the food industry, many times you’ll be required to make sure that your products are within a certain weight range in order to keep production consistent and efficient. Checkweighing scales allow you to set high and low parameters so that you will be alerted if any product is above or below the limits, making this process easier. In this blog, we’ll discuss the many different ways checkweighing scales contribute to the food industry.

1. How Checkweighing Scales Help With Dispatching

When it comes to packing and shipping food, the heavier the package the more expensive the shipping cost. Before you pack and ship your food, weigh it on a checkweighing scale. You will be able to estimate the shipping cost and therefore be more prepared when it comes time to pay that receipt. Another benefit is having a written record in case the shipment has an incorrect price. This way you can resolve the issue without holding up food from its destination.  

2. Portion Control 

Integrating checkweighing scales into your restaurant or café can improve your portion control process. The size of your portions determines how satisfied your customers. It also determines how much money you’re spending to purchase ingredients. Using a checkweighing scale to keep track of the weight of each dish allows you to plan ahead and helps guarantee consistency.  

3. Packaging

During the packaging process or on production lines, a checkweighing scale can be useful for identifying errors before they’re mass-produced. Any inconsistencies or contaminants will be easily found and resolved with a checkweighing scale so that they don’t become a problem later.

This is especially important for products such as pre-packaged food which have printed labels because the weight of the food must be consistent with the weight written on the label.  

If you need data analysis software to use alongside your checkweigher, look no further than Adam DU software, which allows you to analyse checkweighing data in real-time. This can help you identify any issues in your current production output and help guarantee consistency across your production line.   

4. Harvesting Yields

At the end of the harvest season, food producers need to weigh all stock to check their yield for the year. When you need to weigh a large amount of food at once, a platform or crane scale with a checkweighing function is ideal.  

Buy checkweighing scales

We are confident that the checkweighing scales that we stock contribute heavily to the food industry. Our most popular checkweighing scales for the food industry include the Adam GBK Bench Ckeckweighing Scale. Additionally, the Adam PT Platform Scale with the GK checkweighing indicator is perfect for heavier items. We also recommend the Adam ABW-S Waterproof Bench Scale, which offers an IP68 rating. It also offers a handy checkweighing function with red/amber/green checkweighing lights. 

If you need guidance on the right checkweighing scale for your needs, please call our team on 031 564 8755. 

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