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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Counting scales can help count this pile of screws and washers

End-of-Year Stocktaking Made Easy with Counting Scales

It’s almost 2023, and with the end of the year comes the tedious process of stocktaking. Make the process easier by investing in a counting scale. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a counting scale is, what stocktaking is and why it’s important, how counting scales can help in the stocktaking process, and which scales are best for the job. That way, your end-of-year stocktaking is made easy with counting scales. 

What Are Counting Scales?

Counting scales are scales with aptitudes toward the counting function. For example, if you have a large pile of screws, it can be very time-consuming to count them all individually. A counting scale makes this process easier by taking the weight of ten screws and using it to determine the weight of one screw. Then, it can tell you the number of screws from the weight of the whole pile. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of human error.

Most counting scales have more than just a counting feature. A typical counting scale can also have checkweighing, totalization, and filling, each of which makes day-to-day operations easier.

What is Stocktaking and Why is it Important?

Any business involved in manufacturing, storage, retail, wholesale, or construction has a lot of products and supplies equipment that they use every day. Stocktaking is the process of keeping track of each product and supply. This guarantees that all unsold products are still on the shelves or in the warehouse. 

Stocktaking is extremely important because workers no longer need to guess whether a product is available because they have a written record to follow. In retail applications, it also helps to prevent repetitive theft. This is because you can more easily tell when products are missing and act accordingly. Stocktaking also helps to minimize waste, as you can keep track of what is and isn’t selling well and adjust your restocks so you aren’t scrambling to fulfill orders of popular products with low stock while a surplus of low-demand products sits around.

When should you do a stock-take? The year-end is a good idea, whether that’s the end of a financial year in March and April or the end of the literal year in November and December. Any extra audits can only be beneficial if they’re regular. Also make sure to make records in a reliable place, whether that’s with paper and pen or on a digital spreadsheet so you can’t lose them.

How to Use Counting Scales for Stocktaking

Because stocktaking involves a lot of counting, there’s no more perfect tool than a counting scale. You need to record all of your small parts and pieces anyways, so why not cut down on the hassle and save time utilising the counting function? Counting scales are fast, accurate, and easy to use, perfect for stressful stocktaking.

Which is Right for Me?

Scaletec supplies a variety of scales from scale and balance manufacturer Adam Equipment, see them all here.  

CBC Bench Counting Scales

Capacity: 3000g – 30kg

Readability: 1g – 10g

The CBC Bench Counting Scales offer fast and accurate check counting functions that are perfect for check counting tools, parts and products in warehouse environments. CBC is constructed from tough ABS housing and stainless steel platforms, making it highly durable. CBC also features a rechargeable battery that can be used for 90 hours before a recharge, meaning that it can be taken anywhere in the warehouse for ultimate convenience.

Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scales

Capacity: 4kg – 48kg

Readability: 0.1g – 0.5g

The Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scales also offer fast, reliable counting services. The CCT is more expensive than the CBC, but it’s worth the investment. Along with a wider capacity range and better readabilities, the CCT also features 140 PLUS (Product Look-Ups) so you can store the weight of your 140 most popular products and recall them when you need them.

GFC Floor Counting Scale

Capacity: 75kg – 300kg

Readability: 5g – 20g

The GFC Floor Counting Scale is perfect for counting larger items, or particularly large quantities of small items with its impressive capacity ranges. With a grade 304 stainless steel top pan with a mild steel base and ABS plastic indicator, the GFC is a durable industrial floor counting scale.

We hope your end-of-year stocktaking is made easier with counting scales!

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