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7 benefits of washdown scales

7 Benefits of Washdown Scales

Generic scales in wet or dusty environments are at risk of being extremely damaged and potentially broken. Washdown scales on the other hand are durable and built to last when used for demanding applications such as in food and drink production environments - with the added bonus of being hygienic, as these scales can be washed down regularly.

Along with cleanliness and water resistance here are seven benefits to washdown scales.

1. There's little to no risk of water damage

When working within environments such breweries that are prone to accidents and spillages, waterproof scales are the best choice for weighing. This is because they are built and sealed to stop any liquid getting inside to the internal components – particularly if they are IP rated. Some washdown scales even have encapsulated loadcells for better protection against water.

2. They are easy to clean

Hygiene standards are especially important for food production companies as the transmission of germs and bacteria can be harmful to end their users. This is where washdown scales are the most valuable as they can be washed and wiped down protecting hygiene standards quickly and efficiently. The IP rating of the scale will largely dictate how thoroughly they can be washed down.

3. Higher IP rating = Better protection

Scales with higher IP ratings are the most durable against rigorous washing down, sometimes even hosing down. However, if your scale doesn’t have a high IP rating, not to worry, it can still be cleaned and washed down, you may just want to stick to wiping the scale down with a damp cloth.

IP ratings are regulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission and scales are thoroughly tested before being awarded their rating. So, only weighing scales with an IP rating can truly be called ‘washdown’ or ‘waterproof’. Here at Scaletec the highest rating that we supply is IP68, which are regarded fully ‘waterproof’.

4. They are a better value for money

Washdown scales generally cost more than regular weighing scales due to the added protection. They are, however, worth the money for food and drink production companies that are subject to wet, damp, and dusty conditions – because a washdown scale is likely to last longer and therefore will not need to be replaced as frequently as a standard scale.

5. Stainless steel looks more professional

IP rated scales are often made with stainless steel due to its resistance against rusting and corrosion, perfect for use within wet environments. As well as being durable, stainless steel gives a much more professional look if your scales are being used in front of the paying public such as at a butcher’s or fishmonger’s.

When buying stainless steel weighing scales make sure that it’s grade 304 stainless steel as it contains enough chromium to ensure it has high resistance to oxidisation or rust.

6. You can focus on what's important

Weighing processes could take longer if using a non-IP rated scale as you will have to be more careful when using the scale to reduce the risk of damage. However, with a waterproof scale you can concentrate on your weighing needs, speeding up the process and working more effectively.

7. There are lots to choose from! 

Here at Scaletec, we have a range of IP-rated scales. Whether you’re a butcher needing to weigh fresh meet, a drinks manufacturer needing to waterproof floor scale or fishmonger weighing hundreds of slippery fish, we are here to fulfil all your weighing needs.  

Here are a few IP-rated waterproof and washdown scales we supply:

Adam ABW S 'Aqua' Waterproof Bench Scale

Adam Equipment's new waterproof scale, the IP68 ABW S, is a stainless steel bench scale perfect for kitchens, food production companies and any environment where the scale is likely to get wet or dusty. The ABW-S is a premium scale, built with 304 grade stainless steel and, on the 4kg model, accuracy as precise as 0.1g. A rechargeable battery means the scale can be used anywhere.

WBW Washdown Scales

Adam Equipment's WBW-M and washdown waterproof scales have a durable, IP66-rated housing and stainless steel pan to withstand demanding industrial food weighing applications. Perfect for use in food packing warehouses, production lines and factory environments.

WBZ Washdown Retail Scales

The Adam Equipment WBZ retail scale is ideal for shops with small counter space or facilities specialising in processing, preparing and packaging food. The WBZ features a stainless steel pan and IP66-rated washdown housing for protection against dust and water. The large backlit display shows weight, price per kg and an oversized total price display.

Gladiator Washdown Scales

Featuring a combination of durability and performance, Gladiator scales accomplish washdown weighing tasks in demanding food, pharmaceutical and industrial settings. With an IP68 rating for washdown capabilities, Gladiator features easy-to-clean stainless steel construction that is ideal for wet and dusty environments. 


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