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Which Weighing Scales are the Best for Farming?

Which Weighing Scales are the Best for Farming?

There are a lot of facets to farming. Whether you’re working with animals or crops, it’s likely you’ll need to keep track of their weight. Scaletec supplies scales that are perfect for farming. This blog will discuss what you may want to consider when looking to purchase a farm scale, and what the different types are that you can choose between.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Farm Scale?

When you’re deciding on a farm scale, there are a few things you need to think about to ensure that you’re making the best choice. For example, how you intend to use your farm scale. Do you need it to weigh animals? Then you want a scale with a dynamic animal weighing or a hold function. Crops? Try a floor or bench scale that you can take along to farmers’ markets. Moreover, if you need your products to weigh the same amount each time, a checkweighing scale allows you to set high and low limits and will notify you when the item is above or below those limits.

Whether you intend to sell or distribute any of your products will also affect which scale you choose. For example, it may be worth investing in industrial weighing equipment if you supply directly to retailers so that you can checkweigh your products before distribution. If you only distribute in small quantities, a bench scale would be ideal. Keep in mind that if you sell products based on weight, you’re going to need a trade approved scale.

Types of Weighing Scales for Farming

Bench Scales

Bench scales are perfect when you need something convenient, easy to use, and that you can take anywhere you need. You can bring them to farmers’ markets to weigh grain, vegetables, and other produce. Trade-approved retail bench scales allow you to calculate the price of products based on weight, making sure each customer gets a fair deal.

Pallet Beams

Whether you weigh large cattle or smaller livestock, a weighing platform can be used on top of pallet beams to provide a portable and adaptive solution. Another advantage is that the larger the platform, the more animals can be weighed simultaneously.

Moisture Analysers

Moisture Analysers determine moisture content. Above all, it’s important to test the amount of moisture in crops such as corn, wheat, and other grains. This ensures that each crop has the same amount of moisture, which keeps the quality consistent. Should the moisture content be too high or too low, the product may be more likely to crumble or grow bacteria. For example, hay with a high moisture content may not be safe for horses or cattle to consume.

Platform Scales/Floor Scales

Floor scales and platform scales are placed on the ground and are typically kept stationary. Platform scales with a dynamic weighing function can be used to weigh animals without lifting them up first. Both floor and platform scales are ideal for weighing heavy loads such as crates or pallets. Even though they have high capacities, neither floor nor bench scales lack functionality. Many feature checkweighing and parts counting applications to make everyday work that much more convenient!

What’s the Right Farming Scale for You?

The right farming scale can make operations quicker and more efficient, so it’s important to keep in mind your intentions and needs when looking. How big does your scale need to be? What’s the maximum capacity it would need to weigh? Here are some scales that we recommend for you.

AELP Pallet Beams

Capacity: 1000kg – 2000kg

Readability: 200g – 500g

Adam’s AELP Pallet Beams make oversized weighing easier with their built-in wheels and handles for ultimate mobility. You can trust in their durability with strong shielded protected cables and enclosed channels. AELP can be combined with platforms and cattle crushes for weighing cattle and livestock.

PMB Moisture Analyser

Capacity: 50g – 200g

Readability: 0.001g/0.01% - 0.01g/0.05%

The PMB Moisture Analyser effortlessly records moisture test results with a circular halogen heater lamp for even heating and drying of samples. The automatic test-setting function allows you to easily recall up to 99 of your most frequently used tests of the same items to prevent re-programming. Keep the moisture content of your crops consistent with the PMB.

PT Platform Scales

Capacity: 1000kg – 3000kg

Readability: 200g – 500g

PT platform scales are designed to weigh oversized pallets, crates, containers and large items like animals or large batches of crops and grains. The PT is durable and can perform increased weighing functions such as parts counting, dynamic/animal weighing and checkweighing.   

Latitude Compact Bench Scales

Capacity: 3000g – 30kg

Readability: 0.5g – 5g

The Latitude Compact Bench Scale is ideal for production, warehouse or field use due to its AC adapter or internal rechargeable battery. It’s portable and reliable with 240 hours of battery life. With Latitude, you can do more in less space as it features checkweighing, percentage weighing and counting applications.


Need help deciding? Check out our collection of farming scales or contact us for personalized assistance!

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