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Scaletec’s Guide to Money-Counting Machines

Scaletec’s Guide to Money-Counting Machines

What are money counting machines?

A money-counting machine is an umbrella term to describe a group of products that count and sort coins and currency. They typically contain intuitive counterfeit detection software for illegally manufactured coins and bank notes. Money-counting machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and include note counters, coin sorters and counting scales.

How does a money counter work?

Operation can depend on the region where the machine is manufactured and the currency it is programmed to count. Most standard money counters use weight, size and shape to perform count totals. More sophisticated counting machines can recognise value, density, etchings and security features on bank notes and coins, and can detect counterfeit currency using smart ultraviolet recognition software.

Based on these criteria, a money counting machine can pick up the difference between coins or notes as well as detect counterfeit currency to be removed from circulation.

Whilst machines are not legally required to count money, they can boost efficiency by counting notes quickly and help eliminate human error.

Who uses counting machines?

Money-counting machines are helpful in nearly any business that needs to keep track of currency and coins. This includes government finance offices, bars and taverns, retail establishments, and amusement arcades for counting change used in pool tables, jukeboxes, vending machines and soccer tables.

Amusement parks / Arcades

Money counters are helpful in amusement parks arcades to count loose change from coin-operated games and slot machines. They can help perform regular total counts to determine how change is placed in the machines. When a cascade-style game has been emptied or a new unit needs to be filled, you can pre-set a given amount to allocate to each cascade game without the need for manual counting. For example, you may decide to add a total of R.500 in cents per machine.

Finance / Accountants

Business finance departments are notoriously busy environments, which require the highest precision possible in order to handle accounts and balance the books. Money counters reduce manual counting time and enhance accuracy, helping to streamline the accounting process by eliminating any inconsistencies caused by manual counting errors.

Travel / Currency Exchanges

Certain types of money counters can operate in multiple currencies, which can be beneficial in travel currency exchanges. For example, counting scales are used to weigh and count coins simultaneously and can be pre-programmed with pound sterling, euro and rand currencies, depending on the model.

Supermarkets / shops

Price-computing scales are essential for calculating total price and performing counting functions, eliminating the need for human calculations. These machines can be configured with PLU codes to recall the particular value of a product based on weight.

Whilst price-computing scales can be helpful for taking transactions, note counters and coin sorters can be used for end-of-day checkout and till totalling.

Trade-approved scales are required when selling produce by weight.


  • Money counters are used for counting currency without the need for manual counting.
  • There are many types of money-counting machines such as note counters, coin sorters and counting scales
  • Currency is counted using specific criteria including weight, size and shape.
  • Money counters can detect counterfeit currency.
  • Money counting machines are typically used in finance departments, supermarkets, travel and amusement arcades.

Scaletec’s recommended money-counting machines

Scaletec money counter and coin sorter

Our coin counter and sorter is a light-duty money counting machine that can significantly reduce manual counting time when preparing money floats, sorting mixed coins and totalling. This device is preconfigured to batch and display the individual number of coins counting in order to prevent counting errors. Counting speed up to 216 units per minute.

CCSA counting scale

A professional coin counting scale manufactured by Adam Equipment, the CCSA is able to count and weigh coins simultaneously. CCSA scales are suited for use in travel exchanges and office finance departments and come with 9 preset values and 3 token values for increased accessibility.

Note counter

The Scaletec note counter is a fast, accurate and efficient piece of counting equipment suitable for a whole host of money counting tasks in accountants, finance departments and supermarkets. Our note counters are fitted with smart security features that are used to detect the use of counterfeit currency.

NETS price-computing scale

Whilst not typically a money counting scale, the NETS price-computing scale is highly prized in food and retail environments for fast and accurate price totalling when selling products by weight. Includes NRCS trade approval.

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