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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

Call Durban Office: 031 564 8755 | Call Cape Town Office: 021 982 0928

Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

Call Durban Office: 031 564 8755

Call Cape Town Office: 021 982 0928

An Overview of the Services Offered by Scaletec

An Overview of the Services Offered by Scaletec

At Scaletec, we do more than just sell scales. We make sure that you’re accompanied throughout your weighing needs, no matter where you work or what applications. In this blog post, we’re going to describe some of the services we offer to support you.

You can get a contract for some of these services during purchase to ensure your weighing needs are always being met or get on-site help from our technicians as needed.


Whether you want to maintain your lab balance to prevent issues in the future or want to make sure your floor scale is ready for a big job ahead, our service technicians can take a look at your weighing equipment and make sure everything is operating optimally. It can be useful to schedule general maintenance for lab equipment or retail scales to make sure your devices are conforming to regulations that govern their usage, and to help prevent unforeseen problems during periods of heavy-duty utilisation. Plan ahead and consider including regular maintenance in your contract for a hassle-free experience.


Calibration is paramount to maintain scales and balances. Many industries, especially in laboratories and commercial sectors, require scales and balances to be calibrated at frequent intervals. Scaletec also offers certificates to prove your device is calibrated in accordance with local laws.

We also offer SANAS calibration certificates through our SANAS accredited partners if needed, as well as verifications for trade-approved scales used for commercial applications.

Training and Installation

We can install your scale or balance according to your needs to ensure optimal weighing conditions during daily usage. Whether you need a platform fixed to the floor or help finding the best location for your analytical balance, our technicians can help. We can also help train your personnel to ensure they’re confident and efficient when using weighing instruments, and help you make the most out of the various features included in your products. We can make sure functions are enabled and set up efficiently for your specific needs.


Our technicians are trained to repair various types of scales and balances from different manufacturers. We provide quick turnaround and can fix both simple and complex issues. We can even provide a loaned weighing device to make sure your productivity is not impacted by problems with your balance or scale. Our technicians can repair your scale on-site for your convenience.

Hire a scale

Sometimes, your weighing, counting and checkweighing needs are seasonal. Whether it’s a big inventory task or a harvest coming up, we offer scales for hire if you don’t need one year-round.

Used Scales

If you have a tight budget but still need precision weighing, Scaletec offers a selection of used scales and balances. The photos show the scales as they are to ensure customers can see the conditions before they purchase used products.

We also have special offers on selected products, so be sure to browse that section of our website regularly to find great deals, as we’re always adding products and giving discounts.

If you need any of our services, be sure to contact us to discuss your needs. We also offer customer support on the phone for troubleshooting needs.

What’s new at Scaletec?

If you’re looking for a lab balance that combines acute precision and intuitive features, we have some great prices on Solis analytical and semi-micro balances. No need to compromise, get a great lab balance without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned, as we’re going to reveal some information about label-printing counting and weighing scales in the coming weeks!

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