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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Adam Equipment Warranties Increased to Up to Five Years

Adam Equipment Warranties Increased to Up to Five Years

Adam Equipment has recently announced that they have increased the warranties on most of their scales and balances to up to five years. For the professional weighing industry, these warranties blow their competition out of the water with three more years of coverage than other popular companies. This blog will discuss how to become eligible for these warranties, as well as the new warranties on our most popular Adam Equipment products.

How to Become Eligible for Adam’s New Warranties

Adam’s increased warranties are in effect for all new purchases past January 1st, 2023. Once you purchase your chosen scale here on Scaletec, head to Adam Equipment’s website to register your product. Once you’ve done that, should your scale ever have a parts or manufacturing issue, you’ll be able to call in a claim through either Scaletec, as an authorized reseller, or Adam themselves.

Adam’s new warranties cover any issues you have with your weighing scale or balance as a result of a manufacturing defect.

Which of Adam’s Scales and Balances with New Warranties Do We Recommend?

GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

The GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales now have a five-year warranty, up from its previous warranty of one year. This is an astronomical increase! Now you have five times the peace of mind. The GBK range offers capacities from 8kg to 150kg, with readabilities from 0.1g to 50g. It’s perfect for heavy-duty checkweighing in production or manufacturing environments, and its rechargeable battery allows for flexible and portable use.

Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scales

For your less heavy checkweighing necessities, the CKT Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scales are perfect. They’re made even more perfect with the fact that the CKT has an increased warranty from one year to five years. Repetitive weighing tasks are fast and easy, and the CKT takes up a small footprint on your workspace.

Luna Precision Balances and Luna Analytical Balances

Both the Luna Precision Balance and the Luna Analytical Balances, two of our top sellers, have increased their warranties from one year to five as well! When you work with highly precise weight readings, you need a reliable scale. This new warranty ensures that your scale will meet all your expectations. Luna balances boast large, clear displays as well as USB ad RS-232 connectivity for recording and printing weight data. Place these in your laboratory and you’ll be getting accurate results for years to come.

Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scales

Adam's Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scales have a new warranty of three years, up 300% more than before! The SWZ is trade approved for selling items based on weight and goes the extra mile by calculating the price of a product based on its weight as well. The SWZ features the ability to store 161 PLUs (Product Look Ups) so you can save your most popular items. When you're busy with business, you don't want to worry about the lifetime of your scale. Worry not with the SWZ's new warranty. 


Need help deciding between scales? Check out the full list of Adam scales and balances with new warranties on their site or contact us for personalized assistance!


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