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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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5 Big Benefits of Portable retail scales

5 Big Benefits of Portable retail scales

Retail scales are often used to calculate the correct price of a product based on its weight. However, portable retail scales are becoming a much more popular choice due to their added flexibility. This blog will explore details and benefits of a retail scale how our portable retail scales can make tasks easier.  

What are Retail Scales? 

Retail scales are professional scales that are used to calculate an item’s price based on its weight. Sweet shops are an excellent example of where retail scales are commonly used. Most products in a sweet shop aren’t pre-packaged, meaning customers must choose their own items. Due to personal preference each decision will be unique and different in size, weight, and price. This is where a retail scale would come in useful as the customer only gets charged for what they have chosen. 

Most retail scales have the ability to store items in its memory, giving the option to set different prices for various products and search for them when needed. This feature is perfect for large stores that stock thousands of items meaning important details can be stored in the scale and found without having to enter all the relevant details manually each use. 

So, what are the benefits of Portable Retail Scales. 

1.     Take them to where they are needed. 

Our portable retail scales feature rechargeable batteries, so you’re not restricted to using them in one place. The lightweight design makes the retail scale easy and convenient, also removing the worry of needing a power supply. 

2.     They are easy to replace 

Professional weighing scales, no matter how sturdy or efficient still have the potential to be damaged. Which means at some point a replacement will be necessary. Luckily, because they’re compact and less costly than larger retail scales, this will be much easier. Our high-quality portable retail scales are only R4,704.00, find out more here. 

3.     Retail scales are easy to be repaired 

If your scale does become damaged there is still hope for it to be repaired, it is much easier to ship a compact scale back to your supplier than a larger scale. A portable retail scale easier to manoeuvre and lighter in weight, reducing shipping costs.

4.     They can be used for Market Stalls 

Portable retail scales are frequently found on market stalls where fruit and vegetables are commonly sold. The price of these items is determined on a retail scale by their weight, making processes easier and quicker in a busy market.

5.     They Take Up Less Space Than Larger Retail Scales 

Portable retail scales are compact and convenient to help reduce crowded bench tops and market stalls. Retail scales take up minimal room, so you can use your space to grow your business. 

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