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Washdown Scales

Scaletec offers a range of IP65 and above rated washdown scales for processing, manufacturing and production plants. Washdown scales feature robust stainless steel weighing pans whilst the sealed casing prevents water damage to the internal components of the scale, allowing rigorous cleaning to take place with confidence.

We stock several washdown scale varieties manufactured by Adam Equipment including the Warrior and WBZ. The Warrior series of washdown scale offers a checkweighing function ideal for pilot pharmaceutical production, dealing with chemicals in laboratories and handling food products in restaurants, delis and bakeries. The WBZ is a price computing washdown scale that is compact to fit on most benches and the WBW provides fast readings with higher precision than most other washdown scales on the market.

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  1. M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    1500g to 16kg
    Readability Range
    0.2g to 5g

    WBW washdown scales include IP66-rated housing and a stainless steel pan for advanced water-protection in demanding industrial and food weighing applications. Perfect for use in food packing warehouses, production lines and factory environments. This weighing scale has NRCS trade approvals for selling goods by weight.

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    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    3000g to 15kg
    Readability Range
    1g to 5g

    Adam Equipment's WBZ retail scale is ideal for shops with small counter space or facilities specialising in processing, preparing and packaging food. Includes IP66-rated washdown housing for protection against dust and water. NRCS approved for trade use.

  3. Max Capacity Range
    8kg to 300kg
    Readability Range
    0.5g to 0.01kg

    Featuring a combination of durability and performance, Gladiator scales accomplish washdown weighing tasks in demanding food, pharmaceutical and industrial settings.

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Q: What are washdown scales?

A: Washdown scale is a term used to describe a weighing scale that offers significant protection against water. These scales typically include a durable, mild or stainless steel design and have adhesive sealing to protect the internal components of the scale from ingress of water or dust.

Washdown scales are attributed an IP (Ingress Protection) rating with each number (1 being the lowest and 8 the highest) referring to the level of protection offered against dust or water. For example, an IP68 rated scale translates to a scale with level 6 dust protection and level 8 water protection.

We stock several waterproof and washdown scale varieties manufactured by Adam Equipment that include IP-ratings ranging from IP65 to IP66.

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