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Platform Scales

Heavy duty platform scales with digital readout indicators provide long lasting operation in industrial applications such as materials handling, shipping and receiving, and manufacturing.

Platform floor scales allow you to weigh items without requiring excessive heavy lifting, and are useful for weighing large industrial objects such as heavy crates and boxes. Smaller platforms can be used for weighing post, parcels and packages in offices and home businesses, whilst larger platform scale models can be used for pallet weighing in warehouses or weighing scrap metal and plastics in recycling plants.

Some platform scales and floor scales use parts counting and LED checkweighing features that allow you to pack produce such as fruit or vegetables into crates that are then checked against a pre-set weight, depending on whether the product is the correct weight or not, the LED lights will then flash green or red.  

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  1. CPWplus Weighing Scales | Scaletec SA
    R2,570.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 6000g to 300kg

    The CPWplus platform scales are multi-purpose compact scales used for many every day applications, such as parcel weighing, but increasingly very popular with diet clubs and individual weighing, due to the light weight and portability of the scale. Larger platforms make excellent recycling scales for metals, plastics and other items.

  2. Adam AELP Pallet Weighing Beams | Scaletec South Africa
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    R11,910.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 1000kg to 2000kg

    The AELP series of pallet weigh bars are ideal for pallet weighing and oversized weighing applications. AELP beams are easy to use and move, with built-in wheels and handles for mobility. Perfect for weighing large or oversized objects, pallets and containers.

  3. Adam PT Platform Scales | Scaletec South Africa
    R12,000.00  (Ex.VAT)
    NRCS Approved
    Max Capacity Range 1000kg to 3000kg

    Adam Equipment's PT platform scale is a solidly, mild steel-constructed platform designed for weighing pallets, crates and large containers in warehouses or on loading docks. These platforms can be combined with Adam counting and weight indicators for performing parts counting, checkweighing and dynamic/ animal weighing functions.

  4. PTM Wheelchair Weighing Scale | Scaletec South Africa
    R12,190.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 500kg to 500kg

    The PTM wheelchair scale is a low profile platform scale perfect for weighing wheelchair users. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform and the diamond plate surface provides good grip and a solid, durable weighing area.

  5. Adam PTM Platform Scales | Scaletec South Africa
    R12,190.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 500kg to 500kg

    Adam's PTM steel drum scale is a low-profile weighing platform and compatible indicator used for checkweighing barrels, kegs and steel drums. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform in distilleries, factories and vineyard storage cellars.

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Q: What are some of the typical applicatons of larger platform scales?

A: Designed for durability, larger platform floor scales offer a wide range of features including diamond-patterned steel plate platform surfaces, oversized weighing pans that allow multiple products to be weighed simultaneously, and large weighing capacities up to 3000kg.

Some of Adam Equipment's large platform scales can be connected up to weight and counting indicators for improved weighing applications including parts counting, checkweighing, accumulation and percentage weighing.

In the case of larger platform recycling scales, you will need an NRCS trade approved platform scale when selling scrap metal and other items by weight.

Q: Why buy a platform scale from Scaletec?

A: Scaletec only supply the best platform scales that have met rigorous safety tests. Cheaper platform scales imported from overseas usually lack the necessary electrical safety approvals required by law, therefore it is essential that you check that the platform scales you are looking to buy conform to the safety and approval requirements in your region.

We stock scales from trusted UK weighing scale manufacturer, Adam Equipment; Adam platform scales have a long legacy and have been rigorously tried and tested in order to provide customers with the best quality, performance and value for money.

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