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Crane Scales

Heavy duty crane scales and hanging scales for dependable industrial weighing. When weighing suspended loads hanging scales and crane scales can handle all kinds of items including large shipping containers and commercial fishing nets from 25kg through to 10,000kg.

Crane scales have larger weighing capacities than hanging scale models and are more suited to heavy industrial weighing in warehouses, factories and dockyards. These scales also tend to be more expensive then their hanging scale counterparts.

Scaletec's industrial crane & hanging scales for sale

Scaletec offers a variety of industrial suspension scales manufactured by Adam Equipment that can be used for a wide range of commercial and industrial weighing tasks requiring suspended lifting. Our scales also have a selection of displays and remote control options to choose from. if you need assistance choosing the best crane scale for your needs, please contact us.

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Scaletec's Guide to Hanging Scales

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  1. Adam SHS Crane Scale | Scaletec
    R3,430.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 50kg to 300kg

    Adam Equipment's SHS crane hanging scales are constructed from sturdy polycarbonate housing and a rotating chrome-plated steel hook and swivel shackle to help the operator easily handle heavy loads up to 300kg. Perfect for dockyards, ports, industrial warehouses and factories.

  2. Industrial Crane Suspension Scale | Scaletec
    R5,625.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 500kg to 2000kg

    Adam Equipment's LHS industrial crane hanging scale features cast aluminium magnesium housing and a rotating chrome-plated steel hook and swivel shackle to help the operator easily maneuver loads up to 2,000kg. Perfect for weighing heavy crates, boxes and machinery.

  3. Heavy-duty Industrial Crane Scale - Scaletec
    R11,335.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 1000kg to 10000kg

    Adam Equipment's IHS industrial crane scale features robust die-cast metal housing and a rotating plated steel hook with oversized shackle to help secure loads up to 10,000kg. This scale is perfect for the suspended weighing of heavy shipping containers in ports, dockyards, warehouses and factories.

  4. CRW Industrial Crane Hanging Scale - Scaletec
    R18,100.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 7500kg to 7500kg

    Adam Equipment's CRW industrial crane scales supplied by Scaletec. CRW crane scales feature large weight capacities up to 7500kg for suspension weighing large containers, shipping crates and commercial fishing nets.

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Crane Scales Help

Q: How do crane scales work?

A: Crane scales come with a hook attachment that can be used to suspend weigh bags, sacks and other containers with handles.

To weigh items, ensure that the object you want to weigh has a handle or, alternatively, can be placed into a sack or bag with suitable handles. Configure the scale to the weighing units you want to use and ensure the scale is showing zero on the display before a weight is added. From here, simply place handle of the item onto the scale's weighing hook whilst holding the scale's handle with your other hand, this should provide you with the total weight of the object due to gravity.

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