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Calibration Weights & Test Weights

Scaletec's selection of OIML approved calibration weights, weight sets and individual class test weights.

We offer E2, M1 and F1 class stainless steel weights for accurate weighing scale calibration. M1 weights are more affordable than E2 Class and are ideal for calibrating commercial weighing scales such as bench scales, compact balances and checkweighers. Our E2 class weights offer the highest accuracy required for analytical balances and precision balance models, however they are typically more expensive than M1 Class weights.

If you require more information about our range of calibration weights and test weight sets then please contact us.

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  1. From: R3,300.00  (Ex.VAT)
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    OIML aluminium calibration weight sets are a complete set of test weights that meet the requirements for testing to OIML standards. These weight sets are used for the external calibration of weighing scales and balances. We have E2 and F1 weight sets available in stainless steel.

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    From: R475.00  (Ex.VAT)
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    Our individual calibration weights are approved to OIML standard for ensuring weighing scales and balances are accurately calibrated. We have M1, F1 and E2 Class weights ranging from 50 - 5000g.

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    From: R1,020.00  (Ex.VAT)
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    OIML cast iron test weights manufactured by Adam Equipment. Cast iron weights offer higher capacities than smaller calibration weights to calibrate larger industrial-sized weighing platforms and scales.

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Calibration Weights & Test Weights Help

Q: How often should I calibrate my scale or balance?

A: This will depend on how often you use your scale. If in regular use, we would recommend calibrating your balance every few weeks to ensure optimum results.

Q: Do calibration weights need to be trade approved?

A: All weighing scales and balances should be calibrated before sale to ensure that they provide accurate results.

Weighing scales need to be certified by an approved legislative body such as OIML to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

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