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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Balances And Scales - South Africa

Call Durban Office: 031 564 8755

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BMI Scales

Scaletec supplies a variety of professional BMI scales that record weight, height and body mass of the user. Whether for hospital, gym or home use, Scaletec has a range of reliable weighing scales to suit your needs.

Manufactured by Adam Equipment, our scales offer precise BMI calculation for monitoring healthy adult weight in respect to height and body type. Our physician scales operate with ultrasonic technology that can effortlessly scan and record the BMI values of the user when stood on the weighing platform.  For users with limited mobility, the MCW chair scale comes with a built-in weighing device that can accurately take the weight and BMI of the user without the need to stand directly on a weighing scale.

Many of our BMI scale models can be connected via an RS-232 cable to thermal printers for precise data recording. Whichever health or medical scale you need, Scaletec can be relied upon to provide premium quality at competitive prices, please contact us for more information.

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Q: What is BMI?

BMI or body mass index is a custom measurement that measures body fat based on weight in relation to height and is typically used as a primary point of reference when analysing the overall health of adults. BMI is currently considered the best measure of body fat to overall weight ratio.

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