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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Vet, Animal & Pet Scales

Scaletec's range of weighing scales for animals of all sizes including reptiles, birds, dogs and cattle.

Our animal weighing scales come complete with dynamic animal weighing or display hold features. Dynamic weighing allows the user to take an impression of a moving animal on the scale weighing pan in order to calculate an accurate total weight. The display hold feature is perfect for taking the weight of moving animals and can halt the weighing display in order for you to record an accurate weight value.

Manufactured by Adam Equipment, the scales in this category are deemed suitable for weighing pets in veterinary practices, kennels or in home environments. For more information about our selection of vet and animal scales, please contact us.

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    Max Capacity Range
    150kg to 200kg
    Readability Range

    Adam CPWplus dog scales specifically designed for weighing a wide variety of pets including dogs and larger animals. Ideal for veterinary practices, kennels and grooming centres.

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Vet, Animal & Pet Scales Help

Q: What features should I look for in an animal weighing scale?

A: Animal weighing scales come in various shapes, sizes and weight capacities and therefore our recommended advice would be to consider your needs in regards to weight capacity, resolution and possible range of animals you wish to weigh. If you are a pet owner looking to buy pet scales in order to monitor the weight of just one species of pet, then you would need to ensure:

  • The scale has ample weight capacity above that of your pet.
  • The size of the weighing pan is suitable for your pet.
  • The overall resolution of the scale is appropriate (for example, tiny insects will require scales with exceptionally high resolution that work in milligram increments (0.1g-0.001g) whilst a dog would require larger scales that can weigh in grams or kilograms.

If you are a veterinary practice, kennel, pet breeder or groomer, it can be beneficial to have display hold or dynamic features that can take the weight of erratic pets through impressions on the weighing pan.

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