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Note Counter

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Note Counter

The NCSA note counter quickly and accurately counts large quantity of notes, saving time and reducing errors when compiling end-of-day cash totals. The remote display can be placed anywhere nearby for easy viewing. Security features aid in the detection of counterfeit currency, while the adding/batching function allows notes to be counted and totalled.

NCSA note counters are ideal for commercial retail applications and can be used in finance offices, banks, currency exchanges and businesses that regularly handle large sums of cash.

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Common Uses

Retail/ shops/ supermarkets: Can be used for the accurate counting of notes in checkout till floats.

Accountants/ finance: Perfect for professional finance departments requiring large amounts of cash to be sorted quickly.

Banks: Banks require note counters for counting and organising money into specific amounts that can then be bagged and deposited.

Currency exchanges: Places that deal with multiple currencies can use note counters for counting out large amounts of notes fast and without error into denominations.


Model Speed Range Security Features Full Specification
>900pcs per min Ultraviolet (UV) and magnetism (MG) detection with adjustable sensitivity settings Show
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Note Counter
NCSA Note Counter | Scaletec South Africa
NCSA Note Counter | Scaletec South Africa

Product Features

  • Bright LED screen for easy viewing

  • Remote display can be placed anywhere near the counting unit

  • Automatic chained note detection

  • Automatic size and half-note detection

  • Double-note detection

  • High-speed counting rate of 900 pieces per minute

  • Self-test function

  • Adjustable sensitivity levels for improved counting efficiency

  • Batch counting of notes

  • Adding function allows user to continuously feed notes during counting process

  • Ultraviolet and magnetism detection feature to help pinpoint counterfeit notes

  • Carrying handle

  • Adjustable levels for variations in note thickness between different currencies


  • Note counting