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Balances And Scales - South Africa

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Medical Weighing Scales

For the hospital, gym or home use, Scaletec has a wide variety of professional medical scales and health scales designed for accessibility and ease of use, from ultrasonic gym scales to safe and secure baby weight scales.

Our portable compact balance ranges combine convenience though simple keypad functionality with durable plastic housing to protect against spills and accidental damage. These scales can be used to weigh blood packs, medicines and supplements on a worktop or desk space.

Scaletec's health and medical scales for sale

Baby and toddler scales are used for accurately monitoring the weight of newborn babies and toddlers. They are specifically designed with comfort and safety as a priority and are suitable for maternity, neonatal and at home.

Scaletec offer a variety of physician and wheelchair scales for accurately taking the weight of patients and typically feature BMI calculation operations. Our wheelchair scales are perfect for weighing patients with limited mobility and come with a range of accessible features such as ramps, armrests and handles.

We offer a range of safe and easy-to-use health and gym scales with built-in BMI calculation for monitoring a user's weight in relation to their height. Our medical and health scales are compatible with RS-232 cables which can attached to computers and printers for recording results. If you need any help choosing a medical scale for your needs, then please contact us

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  1. Adam CB Portable Compact Scale | Scaletec South Africa
    R1,150.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 500g to 3000g

    The CB is a compact portable scale which is ideally suited to entry-level weighing applications in schools, labs and field experiments. It is small, affordable and easy to use.

  2. Adam Dune Portable Compact Balance | Scaletec South Africa
    R1,285.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 200g to 5000g

    Adam Equipment's DCT Dune portable compact scale offers exceptional value for money. With its alternative battery operation, splash-proof keypad, and sturdy plastic construction throughout, the DCT delivers accurate readings in field, classroom, workplace or lab, a truly versatile and portable product.

  3. Adam Core Compact Precision Balance | Scaletec South Africa
    R2,100.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 200g to 5000g

    Adam CQT Core Portable Precision Balance offers exceptional value for money. Tough, durable ABS housing is designed to withstand field, school classroom and laboratory environments, while being easy to clean and protected from accidental spills. With built-in ShockProtect™ protection Core balances can handle excessive overloads without a problem.

  4. Adam LBK Weighing Scale | Scaletec SA
    R2,200.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 3000g to 30kg

    Lightweight and portable, the LBK table scale is simple, easy-to-use weighing machine ideal for use in manufacturing, shipping, food processing and production. A large, backlit LCD display makes it easy to read the weight. Colour-coded keys highlight frequently used functions for faster operation.

  5. MTB Baby & Toddler scales | Scaletec SA
    R2,570.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 20kg to 20kg

    The MTB baby scale from Adam Equipment is a versatile baby / toddler weighing scale offering an easy to read LCD display with a hold feature to capture a baby's weight. Perfect for neo-natal wards, paediatricians, doctors offices and personal home use.

  6. Adam Highland Portable Precision Balance | Scaletec SA
    R4,200.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 120g to 3000g

    Adam Equipment’s HCB precision balances features Adam’s unique patented HandiCal® internal calibration with a built-in mass, and ShockProtect® as a safeguard against shock loading and accidental overload. Perfect for schools, manufacturing warehouses, engineering, field work and laboratory weighing applications.

  7. MDW Physician Scales | Scaletec South Africa
    R4,765.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 160kg to 300kg

    MDW physician scales feature adjustable height rods and BMI operations for precise height and weight readings. The MDW 300L and 250L models are digital scales with a built in battery and accurate BMI calculation. The MDW 160M is a mechanical scale with wheels for portability. Perfect for gyms, spas, sports centers and health clubs.

  8. PTM Wheelchair Weighing Scale | Scaletec South Africa
    R12,190.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 500kg to 500kg

    The PTM wheelchair scale is a low profile platform scale perfect for weighing wheelchair users. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform and the diamond plate surface provides good grip and a solid, durable weighing area.

  9. MUW Ultrasonic Medical Scales | Scaletec SA
    R12,385.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 300kg to 300kg

    MUW ultrasonic bmi scales calculate height, weight and BMI (body mass index). A backlit LCD shows height, weight and BMI on one screen, eliminating the need to scroll through readings. Perfect for gyms, health clubs and spas.

  10. Adam MCW Chair Weighing Scale | Scaletec South Africa
    R12,865.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 300kg to 300kg

    Adam Equipment's MCW 300L chair scale provides an affordable and practical solution to address the challenge of weighing patients with limited mobility. The MCW comes complete with BMI calculation and swivel wheels. Perfect for doctors offices, care homes, hospitals, physiotherapy and sports facilities.

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Medical Help

Q: Do I need to use a trade approved health or medical scale?

A: This will depend on how you intend to use the scale and the country you are in.

Medical professionals in hospital environments are likely to need medical scales with Class II or III approvals to ensure that the devices being used fall in line with practice rules and governmental regulations.

Scales specifically related to individual or recreational health such as gym scales used in health clubs, spas and fitness centers, are perfectly acceptable for use without these approvals.

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