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Balances And Scales - South Africa

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Industrial Weighing Scales

A leading supplier of industrial scales in South Africa, Scaletec's industrial scales combine durability and precision, making them ideal for rigorous heavy-duty weighing in factories, dockyards, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Scaletec offers a wide range of industrial weighing scales including crane scales, floor scales, bench scales and platform scales. Our Crane scales are ideal for safe and secure suspension weighing of over-sized crates, containers and sacks (up to 10,000kg).

Bench scales are perfect for light-industrial weighing applications and can easily fit on a worktop or workbench surface. They are typically used for weighing or counting small electronic parts, tools and screws in engineering and manufacturing.

Industrial floor scales, such as Adam Equipment's PTM and PT platforms are constructed from durable, mild steel with a diamond-patterned, non-slip weighing surface for added stability when weighing barrels, kegs and boxes.

Our heavy-duty Industrial scales can perform numerous industrial and commercial weighing tasks, including checkweighing, parts counting and percentage weighing. Please contact us for more information.

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R5,490.00 Inc. VAT

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(R7,326.00 Incl. VAT)


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(R14,292.00 Incl. VAT)


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(R7,326.00 Incl. VAT)


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(R9,262.80 Incl. VAT)

RRP R11,335.00
R13,602.00 Inc. VAT

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Industrial Help

Q: What features are included with an industrial scale?

A: Industrial scales come in a variety of shapes and sizes from suspension crane and hanging scales to industrial platform floor scales. Therefore, the features included with your scale will largely depend on the type of industrial scale used.

Crane scales are constructed with strong, sturdy materials and damage-resistant housing in order to weigh large, heavy containers with minimal risk. They typically come complete with remote control operation to maintain safe working distances and are fully compliant with Safe Working Load (SWL) notices.

Many of our light-industrial scales such as the CBC and CBK come complete with built-in checkweighing, parts counting and percentage weighing features. These scales are highly versatile machines perfect for industrial-scale counting and checking of tools, screws, parts and other small components.

Larger industrial platform scales are constructed with durable, damage-resistant steel with added grip, suitable for wheeling large amounts of palleted goods onto the platform at once in order to be weighed. Our weighing platforms can be combined with Adam weight and counting indicators for enhanced weighing functions including accumulation alongside those found on the CBK and CBC.

Certain varieties of industrial scale, such as Adam's GFK floor scale, also come compete with NRCS approvals required for selling products by weight.

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