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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Balances And Scales - South Africa

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20% of the CPWplus dog weighing scale + includes free mat

Pet Scales

Pet scales is an umbrella term used to describe certain weighing scales used specifically for weighing dogs, cats and other household pets. Scaletec provides a wide selection of easy to clean and use scales and balances for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Our platform floor scales can be used to weigh larger pets or farm animals including dogs, livestock and horses, offering a wide variety of platform sizes and weight capacities. Adam Equipment's PT platform scale can be combined with Adam weight indicators to perform dynamic animal weighing, allowing the user to take the accurate weight of a moving animal by impressions on the weighing pan.

Many of our precision balances feature high readabilities that are ideal for weighing smaller pets such as kittens, birds or insects.

Please contact us for more information about our range of weighing scales for pets - We are happy to recommend a scale based on your needs.

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  1. Max Capacity Range
    150kg to 200kg
    Readability Range

    Adam CPWplus dog scales specifically designed for weighing a wide variety of pets including dogs and larger animals. Ideal for veterinary practices, kennels and grooming centres.

  2. Max Capacity Range
    20kg to 20kg
    Readability Range
    5g to 5g

    The MTB animal scale from Adam Equipment is a versatile pet weighing scale offering an easy to read LCD display with a hold feature to an animal's weight. Perfect for vets, pet groomers and breeders.

  3. M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    1000kg to 3000kg
    Readability Range
    0.2kg to 1kg

    Adam Equipment's PT platform scale is a solidly, mild steel-constructed platform designed for weighing pallets, crates and large containers in warehouses or on loading docks. These platforms can be combined with Adam counting and weight indicators for performing parts counting, checkweighing and dynamic/ animal weighing functions.

  4. Max Capacity Range
    220g to 8200g
    Readability Range
    0.001g to 0.1g

    Designed for scientists, the Nimbus series of precision balances offers a wide selection of models that deliver a full breadth of precision readabilities ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g. Ideal for laboratories and university environments.

  5. Max Capacity Range
    3000g to 30kg
    Readability Range
    0.5g to 5g

    Lightweight and portable, the LBK table scale is simple, easy-to-use weighing machine ideal for use in manufacturing, shipping, food processing and production. A large, backlit LCD display makes it easy to read the weight. Colour-coded keys highlight frequently used functions for faster operation.

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Pet Scales Help

Q: What are the best scales to use for weighing dogs?

A: Weighing scales come in a variety of shapes, weight capacities and sizes, therefore the best scale for weighing your pet will depend largely on the size, weight and type of pet. If you are looking to weigh small-medium sized pets such as small dogs, cats and reptiles, bench scales are often preferred. Larger dogs or heavier pets will require floor or platform scales in order to avoid heavy lifting. Tiny insects, birds or arachnids that weigh very little may need to be weighed in cages to prevent escape, therefore precision balances with a higher resolutions may be more applicable here. If you require more information, Inscale scales have a blog post that includes a short guide on how to choose the most compatible scale for your pet.

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