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Money Counters

If you have to deal with a lot of cash or tokens then our selection of cash handling equipment can really save time, speed up operations and reduce errors. Note counters can quickly identify counterfeit notes and can perform total counts.

Coin counting / toking counting scales can be used to count bags of coins or tokens up to a preset amount. The CCSA coin counting scale simultaneously counts and weighs coins in order to identify counterfeit coins, whilst token values can be manually re-attributed for new coins. The CCSA is preset with Pound Sterling and Euro currencies and is an effective weighing scale for commercial and retail use.

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    Max Capacity Range
    20kg to 20kg
    Readability Range
    1g to 1g

    The CCSA is a token/ coin counting scale that offers quick performance to count money or tokens accurately. With 9 preset values and 3 token values the CCSA lets you easily access different values so that the users can perform calculations with ease. Ideal for accountants, supermarkets and small retail stores for till counts, and amusement park arcades for counting coins for slot machines.

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    The NCSA note counter quickly and accurately counts large quantity of notes, saving time and reducing errors when compiling end-of-day cash totals. Ideal for finance offices, betting shops, currency exchanges and banks.

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    Coin counter and sorter from Scaletec. The COI020 is a light duty money counting machine that significantly reduces time spent on counting and sorting coins and can be used to prepare floats, count and sort mixed coins, and display total values of coins. Ideal for amusement park arcades, counting till floats in supermarkets and general financial use.

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Q: Who uses money counters?

A: Money counters are highly popular devices that can be used in a wide range of commercial environments including home businesses, banks, finance departments, amusement parks, shops and supermarkets. Retailers often use money counters in order to perform regular checkout till counts without the need of time consuming manual counting efforts.

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