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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Counting Scales

Counting scales can be used to eliminate time consuming, manual counting procedures and are commonly used within retail business chains for rigorous stock taking procedures. Scaletec supplies a wide range of digital counting scales for light-industrial, commercial and retail use.

The counting scales we offer are manufactured by Adam Equipment and come complete with parts counting, checkweighing and accumulation of weight applications for accurate inventory management. Adam scales feature robust housing and stainless steel pans, allowing for easy cleaning when undergoing rigorous industrial weighing tasks.

Scaletec also offers the CCSA Coin counting scales feature customisable token values that attribute certain coins to pre-set weight values, allowing you to count currency with confidence. Euro and pound sterling compatibility.

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Q: What are commercial counting scales used for?

A: Counting scales are often used to check count small parts and pre-packed goods in stock taking procedures. Commercial-grade counting scales often include check counting, checkweighing and parts counting applications to verify the weight and amount of small parts such as plastic pieces used in toys and fixings required in building kits. Manufacturing warehouses incorporate these scales into the manufacturing process as this is a highly-efficient and often more reliable way of checking the amount of screws, bolts and components to be used within a given product.

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