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Scaletec stock a wide selection of checkweighers and checkweighing scales for ensuring product standardisation in busy retail environment and warehouses. Checkweighers can be pre-configured to a certain weight to ensure that each product weighed on the scale measures the same before dispatch. Certain models feature LED red and green coloured lights to signify whether a product meets the specified weight level.

Manufactured by Adam Equipment, these checkweighers are ideal for large supply chains, general stores and packing facilities working to strict time deadlines.

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Q: What are checkweighers used for?

A: Checkweighers, or checkweighing scales, are used in order to ensure a specific product or range of products all meet a pre-defined weight value. For example, if you are specifying that each product you are making needs to weigh 2kg, then you can configure the checkweigher to set off an LED or audible alarm for when products being weighed on the scale do not meet this limit.

Many businesses rely on trade approved checkweighers for selling or conducting transactions based on weight.

Laundry businesses use specialist laundry scales with checkweighing applications for checking weight after washing bundles of clothing and sheets. Once checked, laundry workers can use the weight value to determine a price to charge individual customers, hotels and hospitality companies. Scales such as Adam Equipment's CBK make perfect laundry scales due to their generous stainless steel weighing pan which can easily fit small baskets of laundry, combined with robust construction and easy-to-use keypad.

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