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Moisture Analysers

Moisture analysers can measure the moisture content of solids or liquids to determine the amount of moisture with in the sample. Using halogen heating and a precision weighing device the moisture analyser measure the change in weight displays the calculation. Moisture analysers are specialist scientific scales that can be used for a variety of applications requiring moisture determination from measuring chemical test samples in laboratories to testing moisture content in food products.   

Within the food industry, moisture analysers can be used for food testing experiments, such as analysing the moisture content in biscuits, crackers and other dry stored produce that requires an optimum amount of moisture to be present within the product. Too much moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, whilst too little moisture will see an increase in broken products. A moisture analyser can be used to accurately analyse these products to ensure they meet food regulation.   

The Adam Equipment PMB moisture analyser offers unique features to store data and speed the results. Typically, a moisture analyser can determine moisture content a lot quicker than the traditional oven heating method.

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  1. Max Capacity Range
    50g to 200g
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    0.001g to 0.01g

    Adam Equipment PMB moisture analysers set a new standard for effortlessly recording moisture test results. The PMB uses a circular halogen heater lamp to allow for even heating and drying of the sample to make sure the test results are accurate. Ideal for measuring the moisture content in grain, wheat, cosmetics and food products.

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Q: What are moisture analysers used for in laboratories?

A: Laboratory moisture analysers are often used to ensure the correct consistency and quality of chemical compounds, oils and serums. These devices are often used in cosmetic laboratories as a way to test the moisture/ liquid content in skin creams and other products. Food testing laboratories may also use a moisture analyser to determine the moisture content in food products such as biscuits or bread as too much moisture may promote the growth of harmful bacterias.

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