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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Balances And Scales - South Africa

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Scrap Metal & Recycling Scales For Sale

Scaletec's selection of weighing scales and balances for measuring scrap metal and recycling . We have a variety of durable recycling scales for sale in South Africa that come in a range of platform sizes and weighing capacities, perfect for scrap traders or dealerships.

Larger platform scales can be combined with Adam scale indicators that have precise parts counting and checkweighing applications with customisable Hi/ Low check limits. Several of our compact bench scales have these features built-in and are ideal for weighing small amounts of scrap jewelry or metal pieces.

Many of our scrap and recycling scales come complete with NRCS trade approvals required for buying and selling scrap on the basis of weight.

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  1. M - Trade Approved
    Readability Range
    g to g

    Adam's GK indicator includes built-in checkweighing functions that allows the user to easily view if there sample is above, below or at a pre-set weight limit. This indicator can be combined with Adam PTM and PT platform scales for increased weighing applications. Trade approved models are available.

  2. M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    1000kg to 3000kg
    Readability Range
    0.2kg to 1kg

    Adam Equipment's PT platform scale is a solidly, mild steel-constructed platform designed for weighing pallets, crates and large containers in warehouses or on loading docks. These platforms can be combined with Adam counting and weight indicators for performing parts counting, checkweighing and dynamic/ animal weighing functions.

  3. Max Capacity Range
    500kg to 500kg
    Readability Range
    100g to 100g

    Adam's PTM steel drum scale is a low-profile weighing platform and compatible indicator used for checkweighing barrels, kegs and steel drums. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform in distilleries, factories and vineyard storage cellars.

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Change in waste disposal and recycling legislation 2018

Since July 1st 2018, new laws have been passed in South Africa regarding the responsible disposal and recycling of waste. Items that need to be recycled include plastics, glass, cans, as well as broken or disused parts and metals. Legislation around this means that scrap dealerships can expect to see an increase in parts and general metal waste recycling for the forseeable future.

If you are a dealership it is essential that you have a fully operable recycling scale with the necessary trade approvals for buying and selling by weight. Scaletec offer a selection of NRCS approved recycling scales perfect for buying and selling scrap metal by weight. Be prepared, buy yours online today!

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