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Food Weighing Scales

Scaletec offer a wide range of food scales for a variety of commercial and lab-based applications including food production, food testing and catering. Types of food scales we stock include: price computing scales, washdown stainless steel scales and moisture analysers.

Our digital baking scales are perfect for weighing ingredients such as flour and sugar in large quantities, whilst offering a wider range of applications than the standard digital kitchen scale. Suitable for small and large-scale bakeries, restaurants and patisseries.

Butcher and meat scales are ideally suited to butcher shops, delis and fishmongers for ensuring meat is accurately weighed, whilst retaining health and safety standards. When selling food products by weight it is essential to use NRCS certified trade approved scales

Moisture analysers are typically used for moisture determination in food products and are used to ensure that certain products have the correct amount of moisture to ensure taste, whilst preventing the premature growth of bacteria.

For more information on our range of digital food scales, please contact us.

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    From: R4,005.00  (Ex.VAT)
    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    3000g to 30kg
    Readability Range
    1g to 10g

    Adam Equipment's AZextra Retail Shop Scale offers exceptional value for money These scales are Trade Approved to NRCS standards for selling products by weight, they are also supplied with a certificate of conformity. Perfect for butcher's shops, fishmongers, retail stores, farmer's markets, frozen yogurt shops and for general buying and selling of food products by weight.

  2. R1,900.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range

    The WS bench portioning scale comes with a stainless steel weighing pan that is durable and easy-to-clean. Includes percentage weighing applications suitable for accurate food portioning in restaurant kitchens.

  3. From: R4,100.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP R4,200.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    120g to 3000g
    Readability Range
    0.001g to 0.1g

    Adam Equipment’s HCB precision balances features Adam’s unique patented HandiCal® internal calibration with a built-in mass, and ShockProtect® as a safeguard against shock loading and accidental overload. Perfect for schools, manufacturing warehouses, engineering, field work and laboratory weighing applications.

  4. From: R16,675.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range
    15kg to 15kg
    Readability Range
    5g to 5g

    The NETS is a fully NRCS trade approved retail scale with price computing applications for selling products by weight. Ideal for busy commercial retail and food environments.

  5. From: R27,385.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range
    50g to 200g
    Readability Range
    0.001g to 0.01g

    Adam Equipment PMB moisture analysers set a new standard for effortlessly recording moisture test results. The PMB uses a circular halogen heater lamp to allow for even heating and drying of the sample to make sure the test results are accurate. Ideal for measuring the moisture content in grain, wheat, cosmetics and food products.

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Food Help

Q: What is the difference between a standard digital kitchen scale and a professional food scale?

A: As you would expect, most standard digital kitchen scales are much cheaper than professional food scales and offer much less in terms of features, applications and precision. Whilst both types of scale will usually come with standard features such as gram and kilogram measurement for portion control, professional food scales used in bakeries often use specialist formulation and percentage weighing software that that can quickly measure larger batches of ingredients for more recipe-based industrial baking.

In addition, professional food scales may feature a sturdier IP-rated stainless steel construction for effective waterproofing and easy cleaning that is necessary in food preparation environments.

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