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Balance and Weighing Scale Specialists

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Mechanical Balances

Simple and easy to use, mechanical scales and balances are used for conducting weighing procedures where power is unavailable.

Mechanical scales are relatively cheap in price compared with their digital scale counterparts, and are perfect for conducting simple weighing procedures and experiments.

Scaletec provides Adam Equipment's TBB triple beam balance as part of their mechanical scales for education range. The TBB is a portable, durable weighing balance perfect for teaching students mass measurement concepts in classroom environments or when conducting field experiments.

For more information on the TBB triple beam balance, please contact us. Alternatively, see Adam Equipment's video tutorial on how to set up a triple beam balance.

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  1. Max Capacity Range
    2610g to 2610g
    Readability Range
    0.1g to 0.1g

    Adam Equipment’s patented TBB triple beam balance offers today’s best value for teaching mass measurement concepts. Everything you need for basic density and simple portable weighing- tripod legs and weigh-below hook are included. Ideal for schools and field weighing experiments.

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Q: What are the benefits of using a mechanical balance for weighing experiments?

A: The primary benefits of using mechanical balances are that they do not require a mains power supply in order to function and are relatively cheap in price. In schools, students are often required to carry out weighing experiments as part of an education curriculum, mechanical scales and balances are often preferred by teachers for this situation as they are typically more hardy, portable and easy to stack and store away with minimal maintenance.

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