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Scaletec are set to showcase a variety of weighing scales and measuring equipment at Nampo 2018.

Nampo harvest day is considered one of the largest agricultural exhibitions, showcasing a huge selection of agricultural machinery and livestock.

The 4-day event will attract a diverse range of businesses, farmers and tech enthusiasts involved in the agricultural production and distribution process. The event is intended to contribute to sustained food production in South Africa.

Scaletec will present a range of scales manufactured by Adam Equipment, including portable precision balances, platform scales and hanging scales.

Adam’s CQT grain scale has been designed specifically for agricultural use. This portable weighing machine can be used to calculate the potential yields and quality of grains and crops during the growing process.

The Adam AZextra is a fully functional retail scale with NRCS trade approvals for selling produce by weight. These scales can be customised with a pillar and scoop attachment for use in farmer's markets, pick-your-own farms and organic food stores.

PT platform scales are constructed from mild steel with a diamond-patterned surface design for considerable grip. The PT can be combined with Adam weighing and counting indicators to perform a wide range of specialist applications including checkweighing, accumulation and parts counting. These scales are large in size and boast an impressive weighing capacity that can be used to weigh heavy, oversized machinery, hay bales and small farm animals such as goats and sheep.

Our assortment of Adam crane and hanging scales are affordable, reliable and built-to-last. The MIF is a lightweight, mechanical scale that can be used to weigh small grain sacks, animal feed and fertilisers. Alternatively, our IHS crane scales feature exceptional weighing capacities up to 10,000kg, and can be used for weighing large, bulky containers.

For more information about our range of agricultural and farming scales, please contact us.

About Nampo

NAMPO draws around 80,000 visitors from around the world annually. The trade show includes more than 672 exhibitors, is spread over 24 hectares and covers a wide range of agricultural and farming related industries.