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    Other Scales and Balances

    Speciality scales and balances offer unique applications and specific functions from counting coins to grading precious metals.

    It is important to consider the many types of scale available when selecting the best weighing scale for your needs. For example if you work in retail you may require a scales that can check weigh items; alternatively, a school made need a balance that is portable, easy to use and able to be relied upon for extensive use. Industrial scales will need to be damage resistant and hardy in order to take the strain of weighing heavy items and boxes. Whilst, vet scales require dynamic animal weighing features to tackle the issue of animal movement. 

    Scaletec realise that there are many types of weighing scale on the market and offer an extensive range that covers almost all weighing needs. We also offer custom scales and balances designed to your exacting standards. For more information on custom scale deigns then please contact us.

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