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    NRCS Approved Scales

    If you are selling by weight then you should be using an approved scale. NRSC certifies scales for approved weighing applications. Scaletec is also accredited to seal your scales so you are assured that you comply with all the regulations.

    Approved scales can be used for a variety of applications that require selling by weight. For example, fruit, vegetables and other produce needs to weighed on approved scales in order to ensure you are getting what you pay for - If you purchase 1kg of potatoes then you want to ensure that you are not paying the price for 1.2kg due to inaccurate, non-certified scale.

    There are a wide range of trade approved scales on offer including price computing scales, food scales and checkweighers.

    Visit NRCS to find out more about trading standards and approvals in South Africa. 

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