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    Hanging and Crane Scales

    Heavy duty crane scales and hanging scales for dependable industrial weighing. When weighing suspended loads hanging scales and crane scales can handle all kinds of items including large shipping containers and commercial fishing nets from 25kg through to 10,000kg.

    Hanging scales offer smaller weighing capacities, lower prices and tend to be used regularly for weighing small  to medium items such as grain sacks, bags of produce and feed bags for animals.

    Crane scales have larger weighing capacities and are more suited to heavy industrial weighing in warehouses, factories and dockyards. These scales tend to be more expensive then their hanging scale counterparts. 

    Scaletec offers a range of suspension scales that should be able to accommodate your various application needs. With a range of display choice and remote control options if you need assistance choosing the right hanging scale contact us and we will be happy to find the right scale for you.

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