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    Bench Scales

    Scaletec has a large selection of bench scales for commercial weighing. Bench scales are highly versatile weighing equipment that can be used for a variety of applications. Our range of bench scales include:

    • WBW P66 rated Washdown scales for easy cleaning after use. 
    • CPWplus weighing scales are ideal for materials handling applications. 
    • CBK and GBK weighing scales offer check weighing features for manufacturing, packing and distribution in warehouse settings. 
    • The LBH and LBK weighing scales are compact in design to take up little room on the work bench.

    Scaletec offers a wide range of robust and easy to use bench scales that can be used for anything from weighing fruit and vegetable produce to weighing medicines and supplements fior animals. Choose one of our value for money, reliable bench scales today! 

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