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    Scaletec offer a wide range of lab equipment including scientific mixers, moisture analysers and laboratory balances and scales for scientific weighing applications. Types of laboratory balance include precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analysers used for mixing chemicals and performing density determination experiments.

    Analytical balances are considered to be the best laboratory balance on the market in terms of precision with readabilities up to 0.0001g - they are highly sensitive balances that usually include draft shields in order to protect the weighing chamber.

    Precision balances tend to be slightly less expensive than analytical models and offer less readability (0.001g). Despite this precision scales offer more versatile in terms of features and convenience. We offer a variety of portable precision balances that can be used to conduct highly accurate weighing outside the confines of the laboratory.

    Moisture analysers are specialist scientific scales used to heat and dry samples. They employ the loss on drying (LOD) method which involves taking the weight of a sample, heating in an oven over a select period, cooled in a dry atmosphere and then re-weighed in order to detect moisture content.

    From laboratory balances to other small lab instruments, trust Scaletec for all your laboratory weighing equipment.

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